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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Health Insurance System In America

Well, as US citizens we all know, health insurance is important.

Most all of us struggle to make ends meet. Without some type of health insurance whether it be through your employment, or you purchase your own, we must maintain some type of insurance on ourselves and our family members.

Health Insurance has gotten so expensive that many families can't even afford to have it. We consider paying our mortgage, putting food on the table and our everyday living more of a priority.

Not that we don't want to be insured but to many of us feel that as long as we are feeling okay, that everything is okay, and for the time being insurance is not needed.

Wrong, if you should fall ill for any reason and are admitted to a hospital you could lose everything because you don't have insurance.

You may not even receive medical treatment because you are not insured. You may get charity care but that is not a guarantee either. If you are treated with charity care you may still need further care from another facility or physician.

When you leave the hospital and are told you need to go to a specialist, what are you going to do because that specialist is not going to see you with out insurance.

The US needs to desperately find a health care system that will work for everyone.

No one person should have to suffer because they do not have health insurance. Our system has failed us and something needs to be done about it.

Karier Bagus


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